Road transportation

Our sister division Transtex Composites is dedicated to providing the transportation industry with highly efficient products that target considerable fuel and cost savings. Our proprietary manufacturing process enables us to offer affordable leading edge technology throughout all of our products.

Transtex products are designed to save weight, lower aerodynamic drag and turbulence. Our lightweight composite doors can shave 160 lbs off per trailer, while our MFS Trailer Side Skirt saves 7.5% fuel at highway speeds. Trantex skirts are a huge success with over 18,000 trailer skirt pairs fielded so far.

Key advantages of Transtex trailer skirts:

  • Most impact resistant and resilient product in the market
  • Retains shape if hit
  • Easy installation
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Easily modified to any length and height
  • Waterproof and corrosion-free

Transtex works with customers in designing tailor-made solutions bringing together our know-how with reinforced thermoplastics composite materials and problems within the transportation industry.